Welcome from the Head Boy and Girl

133x180132x177As head boy and girl at Norton Primary Academy at Northern Education Trust, we would like to take this opportunity to enlighten you about our splendid school. In our opinion, every child should have a successful education to help them in their life ahead. We believe our school provides this for your child. This is because we have fantastic teachers and teaching assistants who support our learning. Our favourite subjects are maths and science because we are challenged and when we struggle teachers are always there to help us. We also have wonderful outdoor areas and beautiful grounds that we use to further our learning. MFC come into school to teach us sports skills. We are also given lots of responsibility such as Academy council, door duties, team captains, Head Boy and Girl opportunities.

This is why we think our school is the first choice for any child. Why not make an appointment and come and see for yourself?

Jacob and Layla