Pupil Leaders


This year we have revitalised our opportunities for older children to be more actively involved in the organisation and operation of our Academy in a positive, meaningful way.

We have relaunched pupil play leaders in the form of PALS: Playground Activity Leaders - these children are wonderful role models for other pupils and organise games and activities for others at lunch times. You will spot them easily in their RED hoodies on the yard - if you are in Year Five or Six and are interested in applying please speak to Mr Corby.

Pastoral Peers were introduced last year to encourage children to support each other in resolving minor conflicts and disagreements in the playground. We have a small and highly effective team of Upper Key Stage Two pupils who are brilliant at this - speak to Mrs Frost if you are interested in becoming one of the team. Our Pastoral Peers stand out easily in the playground in their distinctive YELLOW hoodies!

Following a great suggestion by our Academy Councillors we will soon be introducing Eco Buddies to the playground - these children will be found wearing their GREEN hoodies and will ensure other children use the Peace Garden safely and sensibly as well as making sure litter is kept to a minimum around the academy outdoor areas. Look out for application information soon!

In addition to this all Y6 pupils have the opportunity to assume a wide range of jobs within the academy including lunchtime office duty, door duty and salad bar amongst others - see Y6 teachers if you are interested.