Eco Club

Our Eco Club is made up of approximately 12 volunteers from Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6. We call ourselves "Planet Rangers" and have badges to show the other children who we are. We regularly get the views of the younger children.
We have worked hard to make the school more environmentally friendly and to make pupils and staff more aware of how they can help. In recognition of this we have earned three Green Flags and received a Commendation at the Teaching Awards.

We also have a Peace Garden with wild and formal planted areas where children can get closer to nature and an allotment so they can see where food comes from.

Our next aim is to get the message from school and into the homes of our pupils and their extended families.
"Recycle, don't waste water or energy and never drop litter!"

If you are interested in becoming a Planet Ranger have a chat to Mr Stoddart in Y5.