Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance is highly valued at our school. Good attendance is essential for children to gain the most from school both socially and academically. Our school attendance is slightly below national average at 95.6% and there is an expectation of at least 95% attendance for all children. The attendance of individual children is closely tracked with measures taken when attendance drops below 90%.

Being on time for school is equally important and where there are concerns about repeated lateness school will contact parents to discuss ways to improve punctuality.

Should your child be too ill to attend school please contact the school office as soon as possible to let us know on 01642 356091. First day contact is made with all parents of absent pupils. Home visits will be made where necessary.

Applications for a leave of absence including for holidays:

Parents should complete a Leave of Absence form, which they may obtain from the academy office or the link below, if they intend to remove their child from school for any reason including holidays. It should be completed and returned, before the absence. The Principal will assess each request individually and inform parents whether the leave be authorised or unauthorised.

In the case of family holidays it is very unlikely that leave will be authorised save for exceptional circumstances. The maximum number of days authorised in exceptional circumstances within an academic year will be 5 days.

Evidence of exceptional circumstances may be requested to support the Principal in making a decision. Section 444 of the Education Act 1996, says: ?If a child of compulsory school age, who is a registered pupil at a school fails to attend regularly at the school, her parent is guilty of an offence?. If the reasons given for your child?s irregular school attendance are not satisfactory, or if your child doesn?t attend school when holidays have been unauthorised then the Local Authority may take legal proceedings against you for failure to comply with the Law.

Leave of Absence Form

Forms are also available on request from the academy office.

100% Attendance

Pupils who attend school every day for a term receive a 100% attendance certificate and those who attend for every single day of the year are invited on a 100%ers trip with Ms Dawson to a surprise location at the very end of the Summer term. Each term children with 100% attendance will receive a phase based treat for their efforts.

Each year the Y6 pupil who has maintained the best attendance over their primary school years is awarded a special gift in recognition of their outstanding effort.

Each week in celebration assembly one pupil with 100% attendance the week before is randomly selected to join our half term cinema treat.

Individual Attendance Support
Mr Cowan (Vice Principal) and Mrs Green (Parent Support Advisor) work closely with families and pupils who require support in order to improve attendance. This includes small group work, attendance challenges and family support amongst other things. Serious attendance concerns will be referred to the local authority attendance officer for further intervention.

For further information please see our Attendance Policy on the Policies page.